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MyEdUHK - Mobile App for all

MyEdUHK is launched in 2020 to provide useful information and links to students, staff as well as the public. The development of the app is divided in phases.


In the current phase, key features include:

  • Personal Timetables - students and instructors can check their personal timetable in daily view or full schedule of the semester .
  • Account Balance - students can also enjoy the convenience of checking their account balance via the app .
  • Campus Navigation - a tool for users and visitors to search a specific room and the route to specific locations on the campus .

MyEdUHK also provides links to various commonly visited webpages, as well as information like important contact numbers of the University.

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How to get the app?

The app is available at both Google Play Store and Apple App Store stores, or by scanning the respective QR codes below.

QR code for Android

QR code for iOS

Download the app now and enjoy the convenience of information just a few taps away!