OCIO manages a loan counter at Tai Po campus to provide loan services of audio visual equipment to the members of the University. Staff may also borrow Microsoft Software CDs for use on ONE home computer. Any staff or students who have valid staff or student cards are entitled to our loan services. All checked-out loan items are regulated under the "Loan Service Policy". Contents of the policy are stated below:

Available Loan Service

  Available Loan Items Loan Period Check Availability
Staff Microsoft Software CDs Should return the loan item(s) within 3working days
Audio-Visual Equipment Should return the loan item(s) within 7working days
Students Audio-Visual Equipment Should return the loan item(s) within 3working days
(Remarks: Handheld video recorder and tripod within 7 days)


Check your current loan status:

Reborn Card

Each Notebook is installed with a Reborn Card. With the reborn card, the Notebook will be restored automatically to its original setup on every system restart.

Warning: All data will be erased after the Notebook is restored. User should not store any data in the local hard disk drives.

Borrowing / Returning

  • The loan services are for the purposes of the University only.
  • All current students and staff can use our services except hourly/daily paid staff.
  • A valid staff or student card must be produced when checking out loan items.
  • Borrowers must return their loan items to the same loan counter that the items are borrowed on or before the due dates.
  • Borrowers should return the equipment to the loan counter immediately if they cease to be a staff or student of the University. We reserve the right to take legal or other actions for the immediate return of the items and the relevant costs incurred.
  • Students could enjoy the loan service until 30 June of their graduation year.

Overdue Fines / Overdue Notices

  • All overdue items will be charged at the penalties of $5/item/working day.
  • The maximum fine is $300 per item, and further disciplinary actions may be taken once the maximum fine is reached and the borrowers will be suspended from using our loan service for one month.
  • Items overdued over 60 days will be treated as lost items and the borrower will be charged for the cost of the items along with the outstanding overdue charge.
  • Overdue notices will be sent to the borrowers by email.
  • Borrowers who repeatedly offended within two months will be suspended from using our loan service for one month.

Payment of Fines

  • All fines should be paid at the loan counter during the opening hours.
  • When a fine of any individual reaches the maximum overdue fine, his/her borrowing privileges of all loan items will be suspended until payment is made.

Damages and Losses

  • Borrowers will be charged for items damaged or lost when on loan to him/her.
  • Borrowers must pay the full replacement costs, processing costs, and any outstanding overdue fines.
  • All lost and damaged items remain the properties of OCIO.

Note: Borrowers are advised to return the loan items on time so as to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

Copyrights Issue

The borrower shall observe all applicable copyright laws and license agreements of individual programmes, and shall bear full responsibility for any infringement of copyright or license agreement which may arise.