Central Teaching Facilities

The University has around 100 central teaching venues including lecture theatres, general classrooms, general purpose computer rooms and open-access computer rooms. All these rooms are equipped with essential audio-visual equipment and network connections. OCIO is responsible for the support and maintenance of the equipment in these venues so as to provide a reliable and effective teaching environment for our users. List of teaching facilities and details of the equipment available in the venues can be found at the iBooking system.

IT and AV equipment in teaching venues:
Campus Room Type Qty IT and Audio-Visual Facilities
Tai Po Lecture Theatre 14 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections and basic AV equipment
General Classroom 60 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections and basic AV equipment, some with smartboards and short-focus projectors
General Purpose Computer Room 4 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections, one room with smartboards and short-focus projectors
Tseng Kwan O Study Centre Lecture Theatre 2 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections and basic AV equipment
Classroom and Special Purpose Room 20 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections and basic AV equipment
General Purpose Computer Room 2 Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop connections
Creative Media Lab 1 Teaching Consoles with Mac/Network/Laptop connections

Support for the Central Teaching Venues

Support to the central teaching venues includes:

  • Design and maintenance of the equipment in the venues.
  • Provide an one-stop classroom service hotline in case of equipment problem during class.
  • Entertain classroom setup of audio-visual equipment and standard computers for venues without those equipment. Users are required to submit "Classroom Services Request Form" in advance to set up the required equipment in the venues. Forms are available in ocio/forms.
  • Support University events and functions on audio-visual and lighting setup in the theatres and council chamber.
“The audio-visual and IT/smartcard facilities in the central teaching venues are supported by OCIO Classroom Team. Regular health check of the related equipment will be conducted at least twice a year.”

Classroom Facilities and Automation

All teaching venues are equipped with teaching consoles. It is an easy-to-use integrated teaching console with common audio-visual equipment, standard networked computers, laptop connection and control facilities installed. Most of the control of the teaching equipment can be performed through the control panel on the teaching console. Teaching staff can conduct multimedia presentations through these consoles without the hassles of setting up equipment on the spot. The software setup of PC in the console can be reinstated by clicking the hot-key during start-up to ensure the PC is returned to a clean setup if needed. For further information about the PC in the console, please check Using PC in Central Computer Rooms / General Classrooms.

To facilitate interactive learning and teaching, all central teaching venues on Tai Po campus are equipped with wireless microphones and presenters. For more information, please see Wireless Microphones and Presenters in Central Teaching Venues.

Teaching Consoles with PC/Network/Laptop Connections, Basic AV equipment and Control Facilities

In addition, most of the teaching venues will be equipped with smartcard readers and controls to automate the management of air-conditioning, booking and utilisation of the classrooms.

Booking of Teaching Venues

Booking of the teaching venues can be made through the iBooking System.