What is Departmental Computer Coordinator or DCC?

DCC is the focal point(s) in the department to liaise with OCIO on services and resource provided by OCIO. They will work closely with OCIO as communication channels between OCIO and the departments concerned.

Terms of Reference

  • Assist the department/unit/centre/office head to liaise with OCIO regarding our services and provisions;
  • Advise OCIO on IT requirements in the department concerned;
  • Disseminate major announcements and emergency notices from OCIO to relevant parties in the departments
  • Take up the role of the Departmental Software Asset Management Coordinator (SAMCO) if needed. 

List of Departmental Computer Coordinator (DCC) / Departmental Software Asset Management Coordinator (SAMCO)

Office of the PresidentDCCSAMCO
Offices of the President (P)TANG, Wai Shan GraceTANG, Wai Shan Grace
Alumni Affairs and Development Office (AADO)MAN, Lai Wah MaggieMAN, Lai Wah Maggie
Communications Office (CO)AU, Tsz Ki Jackie AU, Tsz Ki Jackie 
Student Affairs Office (SAO)YU, Hui Shan NatalieYU, Hui Shan Natalie

Faculties/Departments/Academic UnitsDCCSAMCO
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS)LAM, Wai ChuenLAM, Wai Chuen
- Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS)FU, Wing Sze AbbeyFU, Wing Sze Abbey
- Department of Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA)CHAN, Mei King ElsaCHAN, Ming Chiu
- Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE)WONG-CHEUNG, Mei Yee LiddyWONG-CHEUNG, Mei Yee Liddy
- Department of Mathematics and Information Technology (MIT)SO, Cheuk Sze TracyLAU, Chi Kong Ken (Maths)
TANG, Kin Sing Eric (IT)
- Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES)WONG, Man Ting VendyWONG, Man Ting Vendy
- Department of Social Sciences (SSC)LEE, Ching JaneCHEN, Ping Sheng Eddie
Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD)Leung, Yuk Man EvelynLeung, Yuk Man Evelyn
- Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)WONG, Suk Yee VannesaWONG, Suk Yee Vannesa
- Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE)CHENG, Kam Chi GigiCHENG, Kam Chi Gigi
- Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL)LAI, Tak Yee CassLAI, Tak Yee Cass
- Department of International Education (IE)CHAN, Wing HangCHAN, Wing Hang
- Department of Psychology (PS)LAI, Pui Shan DebbyLAI, Pui Shan Debby
- Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC)CHAN, Sze WaiCHAN, Sze Wai
- Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS)CHUNG, Kit Fun CatherineCHUNG, Kit Fun Catherine
- Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)LAM, Tsui Miu MilkLAM, Tsui Miu Milk
- Centre for Psychosocial Health (CPH)TSANG, Hing Ni HelenaTSANG, Hing Ni Helena
- Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education (CRSE)YEUNG, Wing Tung TomYEUNG, Wing Tung Tom
- Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE)NG, Wai KuenNG, Wai Kuen
- Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL)CHAO, Chac Kei JackyCHAO, Chac Kei Jacky
- Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences (CEDS)GAO, XiaoziGAO, Xiaozi
Faculty of Humanities (FHM)SUEN, Yan YeeSUEN, Yan Yee
- Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)CHAN, Ching BrendaSO, Man Ying Crystal
- Department of English Language Education (ELE)CHEUNG Ching Yin YokoCHEUNG Ching Yin Yoko
- Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies (LML)YEUNG, Shun Ling Cherry YEUNG, Shun Ling Cherry 
- Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS)CHENG, Wing Wai KunnaCHENG, Wing Wai Kunna
- Centre for Language in Education (CLE)YIP, Sio KunYIP, Sio Kun
Graduate School (GS)POON, Sin Yi TeresaPOON, Sin Yi Teresa
Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC)KAM, Lok Sze IrisKAM, Lok Sze Iris
General Education Office (GEO)CHAN, Wing Yiu EuniceCHAN, Wing Yiu Eunice
Global Affairs Office (GAO)CHIU, Siu Wan SamCHIU, Siu Wan Sam
Library (LIB)HAU, Hork Koag KevinHAU, Hork Koag Kevin
Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME)KO, Yin Ching MaggieKO, Yin Ching Maggie
Registry (REG)CHAN, Mei Po MabelCHAN, Mei Po Mabel
School Partnership & Field Experience Office (SPFEO)PAO, Shun Shing Frank PAO, Shun Shing Frank 

Research and Development UnitsDCCSAMCO
Academy of Hong Kong Studies (AHKS)CHING, Hong Yee ConnieLI, Hang Tsang Steven
Assessment and Research Centre (ARC)LAM, Sze MingLAM, Sze Ming
Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC)CHU, Yan Kit AnthonCHU, Yan Kit Anthon
Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC)CHING, Hong YeeCHING, Hong Yee
Research & Development Office (RDO)Lee, Chun Yin JerryLee, Chun Yin Jerry

Administrative OfficesDCCSAMCO
Estates Office (EO)WONG, Miu Ling WinnieWONG, Miu Ling Winnie
Finance Office (FO)MAK, Yuen Yee CarolMAK, Yuen Yee Carol
Human Resources Office (HRO)CHUNG, Man Wai VivianCHUNG, Man Wai Vivian
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)SHING, Wai Man BonnieSHING, Wai Man Bonnie
TKO Study Centre (SCO)YEUNG, Hang Fan AliceYEUNG, Hang Fan Alice
Other OfficesDCCSAMCO
Project Aspire (PROJ-ASP)NGAI, Chun Wai EricNGAI, Chun Wai Eric

Annual Meeting with DCC (for staff only)