The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and solutions to support and enhance learning, teaching, research and administration of the University. Under the CIO's supervision, there are six teams, namely Network Services (NS), User Services (US), Student Administration (SA), Finance and Human Resources (FHR), Management Information System (MIS) and Administrative Support (AS) teams. The Associate Director of OCIO (ADOCIO) assists the CIO in overseeing the University-wide ICT infrastructure and services as well as information systems and application development to achieve the missions of OCIO.

The roles of the teams are listed below:

  • Network Services (NS) Team is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructure, network services and the data centres. The network services include email, PC network servers, UNIX servers, eLearning platforms, Internet & Intranet technologies and all central databases and related information system servers.
  • User Services (US) Team is the OCIO front-end to support general and academic users. The team provides the following services:
    • Manage the IT Help Desk.
    • Manage the computing facilities in computer laboratories.
    • Organise IT training and orientation programmes for staff and students.
    • Provide consultation services for using IT in office automation and learning and teaching.
    • Design and implement the PC desktop systems.
    • Provide hardware and software maintenance for computers and peripherals.
    • Provide one-stop technical support services for all the central classrooms and lecture theatres in the main campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre.
  • Student Administration (SA) Team works with the Registry, faculty offices, academic departments, LTTC, Library, Student Affairs Office, Finance Office as well as Human Resources Office, and provides system support for the implementation of all student administrative systems.
  • Finance and Human Resources (FHR) Team works with the Finance and Human Resources offices, and provides system support for the implementation of all finance and HR related administrative systems.
  • Management Information System (MIS) Team is responsible for the development of Management Information Systems to support strategic decision making of senior management.
  • Administrative Support (AS) Team provides general administrative support services to the Office and acts as a role model to promote best practices in office automation.

Organization chart
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