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With the completion of the extension of wireless network to the student hostels in October 2009, the EdUHK wireless network is now available almost everywhere in the Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre.

The EdUHK wireless network supports IEEE 802.11 a/g/n standards. It allows anyone who has Wi-Fi device (e.g. notebook with wireless adapter, PDA with Wi-Fi) to get Internet connection over the air. Please note that using wireless connection in a public network is in general not secure. Users are advised not to use the wireless network for sensitive transactions.

Details on how to get connected to the EdUHK wireless network are listed below.

The EdUHK wireless network is an extension of the EdUHK campus network. Users are required to comply with the existing computing policies and regulations.

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EdUHK has joined the “Wi-Fi.HK” scheme in September 2014 to support the "City-wide Wi-Fi for the Public and Visitors" initiative of the HKSAR Government. Visitors can use the SSID “Wi-Fi.HK via EdUHK” to enjoy the free Wi-Fi service in public areas of the EdUHK.

Warning: For fair usage of the network resources, each session is limited to 2 hours.

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For free Wi-Fi service outside the campus in Hong Kong, please kindly refer to CSL Wi-Fi and Y5Zone arrangements. There are also free Wi-Fi service at local and overseas universities. For details, please visit Eduroam.


  1. How to select the various SSIDs and wireless connection methods in EdUHK?
  2. Wi-Fi is susceptible to congestion and interference. To know more about the Wi-Fi basics, its limitations and tips, please see Wi-Fi 101