Regulations Governing the Use of Computer Facilities and Services

Computer resources are provided to members of The Education University of Hong Kong on the strict understanding that they are to be used solely for the purposes of the University. The University aims at providing the best available computer facilities and services to its members with least restrictions. In order to achieve this objective, it is essential for all who use the facilities and services to behave in a responsible, ethical and legal manner.

Please observe the following usage regulations to protect University's hardware, software and data against damage, unauthorised use, theft and fraudulent manipulation.

  1. Use only computer resources that are authorised. Unauthorised uses of computer resources and malicious destruction, removal or modification of equipment and software are serious offences.
  2. Sharing of computer accounts is not allowed. Users should inform OCIO immediately if they suspect their computer accounts might have been compromised, otherwise, they may be asked to bear all the consequences associated with any damages caused subsequently.
  3. Users must not attempt to make unauthorised connections to, break into, or adversely affect the performance of other systems on the network, irrespective of whether these systems are owned by the University or not. The ability to connect to other systems on the University's campus network or on the global Internet does not imply the right to make use of or even connect to these systems unless authorisations are given by the system owners.
  4. Abide by all applicable copyright laws and licenses. Users must not copy University-licensed software and are wholly responsible for all licensing requirements for the software that they put on their own machines or request OCIO to put on network servers.
  5. Users must not intrude on the legitimate or convenient use of computer resources by others. Broadcasting non-critical messages to large numbers of individuals and sending chain letters are examples of activities that cause network congestion and interfere with the work of others, and therefore are not allowed.
  6. When sending personal messages to other users, always identify yourself as the sender. Using the University's computer resources to harass other individuals deliberately is explicitly forbidden.
  7. Observe the "Regulations in using Computer Laboratory" posted inside the computer laboratories.
  8. Computer facilities are for the purposes of the University. Unauthorised commercial use is prohibited.

Apart from the above regulations, users are also referred to the following two policy documents of the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) Ltd. which manages the Hong Kong Academic and Research NETwork (HARNET) and access to the Internet.

HARNET Acceptable Use Policy
Network Connection Provisioning and Guidelines for HARNET Members

The EdUHK computing environment is continually evolving, as new products are introduced and others become obsolete. Computer services also change as the user community and requirements change. Users should keep themselves up-to-date with new developments to make the best use of computer facilities and services available to them.

Note: Users should not disseminate hatred, disturbing or obscene content through the University IT platforms. For example, we should not send hatred and disturbing subjects or contents in emails or post such images or texts on University websites.


Guidelines and Regulations Governing the Use of Computer Rooms

  1. Observe the "Regulations Governing the Use of Computer Facilities and Services".
  2. Computer rooms are for use by members of the University only. Our staff may request anyone inside a computer room to show his/her EdU Card if needed.
  3. Use computer rooms for the purposes of the University only.
  4. Do not relocate or remove any furniture or equipment out of computer rooms.
  5. Do not change hardware configuration and software settings of machines inside computer rooms.
  6. Print ONLY if absolutely necessary. Save the environment!
  7. Store your data on your portable media or your network home directories. Do not store files on machines in computer rooms.
  8. Keep computer rooms clean and tidy. Eating or other activities that could affect the computer room's safety or tidiness are not allowed.
  9. Be considerate, keep the noise down and do not disturb other users.
  10. Report any operational problems to the IT Help Desk. For technical problems, seek assistance from the IT Help Desk.
  11. Do not spread computer virus or spyware. Check your files for virus regularly with the virus scanning and cleaning tools provided. Report virus infections to the IT Help Desk.
  12. Take good care of your personal belongings while inside computer rooms. OCIO assumes no responsibility for any loss of personal items.
  13. Be considerate! Do not keep your PCs unattended for a long period of time.
  14. Observe safety regulations in the computer rooms.