Email is an official communication channel in the University. All members of the University have their email accounts and mailboxes created automatically.

Currently, the University is using Microsoft Office 365 (Office 365), a cloud-based messaging solution provided by Microsoft for the education sector, as the official staff email services. To access Office 365 in an office computer, we recommend staff to use Microsoft Outlook. Besides the basic functions for email services, Microsoft Outlook provides many advanced features. With Outlook, you are not limited to text in your messages. Documents, videos, sounds and graphic images can be inserted directly into a message body or as attachments. It allows users to setup automatic 'Out of Office' replies and you may also setup Outlook to filter unwanted messages. Other features include sending mails on behalf of another user, auto-forwarding emails to another email address, etc. Please check the document Using Microsoft Outlook for more details.

Colleagues may also use Outlook at home. This would be possible if you use Windows from a private computer with broadband connection. To do this, users need to setup a Outlook profile (see Microsoft Outlook Profile for details). To use email from a public computer, it is recommended to use the Webmail service, which requires no special setup.

Staff can get access to their emails on mobile devices. For details, please visit Synchronizing Email and Calendar with your Mobile Devices (for STAFF).

To facilitate collaborations as well as learning and teaching with Google services, staff member can apply a teaching account on Google. The teaching account on the student domain, i.e., allows staff and students to use Google Classroom. For details, please visit Google Accounts for Staff.

Note: Office 365 is not just an email system, but a full messaging suite. Please see Office 365 (for Staff) for details about the various Office 365 services available to the staff members.