Email is an official communication channel in the University. All members of the University will have their email accounts and mailboxes created automatically. With a valid account, user could use email software to exchange messages with members of the University or the Internet community.

Currently, the student email services comes as part of Google Apps for Education provided by Google. It is a collection of web-based programs including Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Groups, providing each student with unlimited storage space. Students could keep using the Google account after graduation.

For email, Google Gmail is a popular webmail system which can be accessed easily with a web browser on an Internet-connected computer. In case you do not have much experience about Google Gmail, you could read the online guide "Google Apps Learning Center" to get the basics – using the system for sending/reading/deleting emails, searching emails, setting up Vacation Responder (i.e. auto-reply), and many more.

Below are some useful information about the Google Apps services for the students:

  • Full Email Address - The full email address is of format where xxxxxxx is first 7 digits of your student number.
  • Google Apps Website - To use Google Apps, please go to and click ‘Students’. You will also find the link at The Portal (
  • Login Username - The login username for accessing Google Apps is your full email address.
  • Google Password - You will have a separate password for the Google Account. Since Google Apps and The Portal are different systems, changing the Google password will not change The Portal password. However, if you change your password from The Portal, the Google password will be changed at the same time.
  • Initial Google Password - Initial password for your Google account is a combination of your student number and HKID/passport number. Please see Google Gmail Student FAQ for the details.
  • Continuation of Google Account - Students could continue to use the Google account after graduation.

Please also see Google Gmail Student FAQ for more related information about the student email services.

Note: If you have problem accessing "Gmail/Google Apps" in Mainland China, please connect to VPN service before accessing "Gmail/Google Apps".