Free Wi-Fi Service at CSL Wi-Fi Hotspots for our Staff and Students

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Starting from August 2007, students and staff of EdUHK could enjoy free Wi-Fi service at all CSL Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong. This allows EdUHK members to use Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.1 b/g/n) enabled devices such as notebook computers, PDAs or smartphones to get wireless Internet access at close to 6,000 CSL Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong for free. Access is set up simply by logging on the services using EdUHK network account and password. No registration is required. As a reciprocal arrangement, CSL Wi-Fi customers could also use the EdUHK Wi-Fi services in our Tai Po campus and Town Centre.

Users are bound by the Terms and Conditions of CSL Wi-Fi Services when using the CSL Wi-Fi Services. Also, for security reason, users are recommended NOT to use public wireless network for sensitive transactions.

Using Wi-Fi service at CSL Wi-Fi Hotspots (for EdUHK members)

All the CSL Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong support web portal login while some support 802.1x login as well at this moment. We recommend using 802.1x connection whenever available as this is more secure.

Configurations for setting up wireless network profile (802.1x):

SSID Universities via CSL
User Name UserName@DomainName 
Authentication Mode WPA
Data Encryption TKIP
Trusted Root Certification Authorities AddTrust External CA Root
Use Machine Information For Domain Logon Disable
Use Windows User Name and Password Disable

To use the Wi-Fi service at hotspot that only supports web portal login, you should setup the device with SSID "CSL". When you launch the Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), you will be redirected to the login page where you can enter username & password. Just enter UserName@DomainName (e.g. and your account password and follow instructions on screen to complete the login process.

Using Wi-Fi service at EdUHK (for CSL customers only)

To use the Wi-Fi service at EdUHK, CSL customers should setup the device with SSID "CSL". Then start the Internet browser and you will be redirected to the login page.

Note: For more details about the CSL Wi-Fi service and the locations of hotspots, please visit For enquiries please kindly contact IT Help Desk at 2948 6601.