Normally, participants can join a Zoom meeting by just click on the invitation URL. If the meeting host would like to have control on it, there are number of ways to control who can join the Zoom meeting.

MethodsHow to enable and management?ProsCons
Meeting Passcode
- Set a password for your guests to enter. - Good increase in security. - Requires you to distribute the passcode.
- Passcode may be forwarded by someone.
Waiting room
- Control when your guests are admitted to the meeting. - Good increase in security.
- Best for smaller meetings.
- Host can put anybody in waiting room again during meeting.
- Customization on the Waiting Room Title/Logo/Description.
- Host need to admit those guests.
Lock meeting
- Don't allow other participants to join the meeting in progress. - Good increase in security - Guest can't join the meeting when locked, they have to wait and try to join again when the meeting is unlocked.
Only Authenticated users can join
- Allow only EdUHK members to join the meeting by logging in with Single-Sign-On (SSO). - Good increase in security
- Best if all participants are EdUHK members
- Guest can't join the meeting when option is enabled.