OCIO Email-to-Fax Service (For Staff Only)

Email to Fax Servic icon

Through the Email-to-Fax service provided by OCIO, staff can send fax easily via the mail software (e.g. Outlook) or webmail with user's email account. The service is solely for the purpose of the University. Commercial use is prohibited.

Send a FAX by email

To send your fax via email, start your mail software and compose a new email message as email body or put your fax content in a Microsoft Word file and send it out as attachment. The Word attachment will be included in the fax content automatically. For sending fax with chinese character, please send it with Html, Outlook Rich Text format or simply as word attachment. If you want to send graphics, you should first put it inside a word file ( In Microsoft Word, select Insert / Picture / From File ) and send it as attachment.

The Address Format :

fax_number@fax.eduhk.hk (e.g. 29486520@fax.eduhk.hk)

Note : In view of the demand for customized fax cover sheet, we have removed system generated cover sheet.

(If your email is using HTML format, a blank cover page will be generated even the email content is empty.)

Simple FAX without cover page demo screen

The received fax will look like as follows:

received fax page


If you want a fax cover sheet, you can make use of the fax cover sheet word template and send your fax content with it.

cover sheet template

Using cover sheet template demo

 Received Fax screen

Note : Fax server convert the word attachment to fax output at around 200x200dpi resolution.

After you send the fax mail, an email message will be sent back to you confirming the fax was sent, or information about any problems.

notification email message


Send an International FAX by email

The procedure is the same as the steps listed in the previous section but the address format is :

+ + + + + @fax.eduhk.hk


 is the required prefix ( *25 ) for internal transfer of international call

 is a 4 digits departmental pass code for outgoing International call and is assigned by OCIO. For details, please ask your general office.

+  is the required number preset in the PABX system for call transfer

can be checked from HKT International Telephone Numbers or CountryCode.org

e.g. use email address *25xxxx900626512345678@fax.eduhk.hk

This address will send a fax to number '12345678' in Singapore with Country Code '65' .

Note : IDD calls will be charged to your departmental IDD telephone account. Only authorized person with the departmental pass code could use the services.



Send fax to multiple recipient with same content

If you are going to send out the same content to multiple recipient, you are advised to send it out via a converted file (TIF file) as it require less processor overhead and thus less processing time for each Fax.

You may convert your fax content (PDF file ) into TIF file using "PDF-XChange Pro". If you cannot found this software on your computer. You have to install "PDF-XChange Pro" beforehand.

  1. Open "Network Application" and choose "PDF-XChange Pro"
    Install PDF-XChange Pro from the Network Teaching Software

  2. After Installation, open the PDF file using "PDF-XChange Pro".
  3. From the menu bar, click File > Export > Export to Image.
    Export PDF file to image

  4. For the "Image Type", choose "TIFF - Tag Image File Format". Then click "Options..."
    Choose TIFF as file type

  5. Choose "1 (Black & White)" for the Image type. And Choose "CCITT Group 4 fax" for the compression setting. Then click "OK".
    Choose TIFF as file type

  6. Click "OK" then it will start to covert the file into TIF format.
  7. Choose the location to save the TIF file when prompt.
  8. Then attach the TIF file to a new outlook email as follows and you can add multiple recipient for Fax broadcast according to the address format described in the section of Send a FAX by email or Send an International FAX by email
    adding multiple recipient demo

Send fax to multiple recipient via Word's mail merge

Word's mail merge feature automates the task of bulk mailings.There are three parts in the mail merge:

Part 1. create main document in word, invoke Mail Merge wizard from Tools/Letters and Mailings/Mail Merge & select E-mail message as document type

Mail Merge step 1 screen

Part 2. Select Recipients, you may select different list from varies data source file such as excel file. You will be prompted to choose the Excel spreadsheet tabs that contains your data.

Mail Merge step 2 screen

On the dialog of Mail Merge Recipients, you can use check boxes to add or remove recipients from the recipients list.

Mail Merge step 3 screen

Note: Prior to beginning your Mail Merge, it is recommended that you open your Excel document ( Data Source File ) and make sure the first row contains the names of the fields (e.g. Name, Email,....) to be used in the merge. Word will need this so it can easily identify the names of the columns in your recipients list.

Part 3. merge data source in main document

Add the merge fields to your document by clicking the More Items link in the "Mail Merge" wizard or "Insert Merge Field" button on the "Mail Merge" toolbar which can be invoked from View/ Toolbars & then Mail Merge. Click Next to preview your email message.

Mail Merge step 4 screen

After you clicked Preview your e-mail message, Word has already merged your document and the recipients temporarily! It is not final until you have completed Step 6. However, you can still go back to the previous step or make changes on the recipient list.

Mail Merge step 5 screen

Click Next to complete the merge.

Now you can send the merged mail via outlook to your recipient by clicking "Electronic Mail.." and fill up the corresponding field as follows.

Mail Merge step 6 screen

Press OK to send via your desktop default mail client (e.g. outlook).

When using attachment to perform the email merge, user may encounter the symptons that Outlook will repeatly ask for confirmation on sending out email (as below figures). This is a security protection provided by Outlook to prevent programs to send out malicious email and cannot bypass.
confirm screenconfirm screen 2

We highly recommended user to use HTML format (Steps stated in this guide) as email merge instead to get rid of this problem.

However, if you really need to use email merge with attachments, you can assign Outlook to the allow access for a period of time (e.g. 10 minutes). This can help to eliminate the first pop-up windows but you still need to answer the second prompt for each message sent.

For details, please refer to http://support.microsoft.com