Every now and then, there is characters which you do not know if it can be input, show and print in a document.

For example, I want to type a chinese character "" and I do not know whether it is available in Unicode, you can make use of the web site - Chinese Character Searching System (漢字查詢系統) to search if the internal code of the character by inputting character similar to the character concerned.

For example, I input "雋" in the field and ask the system to search for similar characters.

From the result, locate the word you need and right click the word. Then you will see a new window, similar to the following one.

In this example, the Unicode is 5101. You can input the character using the "Character Map" in Windows XP from the "Start -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "System Tools", type in "5101" into the "Go to Unicode" field and copy the character to the applications. Alternatively, you may input the character using the Unicode IME provided in Windows XP.

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