The default setting in MS Word will not display the ordinal for a date field when doing Mail Merge. To do this, following the steps below.


  • Insert your date field twice. (SentDate is the field name in Excel)
  • Highlight both field and click the right mouse button. Then choose Toggle Field Codes or press Alt+F9
  • Then change the content to { Mergefield SentDate \@ d \*ordinal } { Mergefield SentDate \@ MMMM, yyyy }
  • Then click the View Merged Data.
  • Now you can display the date format with ordinal.
    You may notice that the ordinal is not in superscript format. If you need to set the ordinal to superscript format. Follow the steps below.Procedures:
  • From the menu bar click Tools -> AutoCorrect Options...
  • Then change to the Auto Format tab and clear all options except Ordinals(1st) with superscript, then click OK
  • Now, click Format -> AutoFormat...
  • Choose AutoFormat Now and click OK.
  • Now you can display the date format with ordinal in superscript format.