Please note that there is no mailbox in UNIX. However, you can use PINE to read e-mails from the Exchange servers and send e-mails using To do that, please follow these steps:

  1. Open pine
  2. Login (for staff) or (for students).
  3. Run pine.
  4. Select SETUP -> Config.
  5. Change the inbox-path to {<>}INBOX,
    e.g., {}INBOX.
  6. Exit SETUP.
  7. Press Yes to save the setting.
  8. Next time when you run pine, you will be prompted to input your e-mail username and password.

Note: If you want to view all the folders in the PINE folder list option, you have to edit your .pinerc file manually. For details, please follow these steps:

  1. After login your Unix Account, you can edit your .pinerc file manually.
    E.g., by using the pico editor, please type in: pico .pinerc
  2. Use the down-arrow key to go down to folder-collections.
  3. Set the folder-collections to your Incoming IMAP Email Server.
    E.g., folder-collections={}[]
  4. Remember to save the setting before exit to UNIX.

Next time, when you run PINE, you can view all the folders in the folder list.