Retirement of AirWatch on 31 Dec 2021

As confirmed by the developer, AirWatch Content Locker has reached the end of its lifecycle and there will be no more support on the product. Access to files via the AirWatch Content Locker App version 5.3 or later is no longer supported on iOS devices. Users can still use AirWatch on Android devices and also via a web browser at

OCIO will keep the AirWatch platform running till 31 Dec 2021, without support from the service provider. Users are recommended to move their files to Office 365 OneDrive, which provides similar functions. As we have Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) on Office 365, access to Office 365 services including OneDrive is better protected. If you have not enabled MFA on Office 365, please do so as soon as possible.

For more information about Office 365 OneDrive, please kindly refer to the service webpage of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive and contact IT Help Desk at 2948 6601 or should you have any questions.

VMware AirWatch Content Locker

VMware AirWatch Content Locker is a web-based private cloud storage system using the VMware AirWatch technology. The system, managed by OCIO and housed on the campus, allows users to access documents stored on the system from PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It provides a solution to sharing meeting documents in achieving paperless meetings.

Network Diagram


Highlights of AirWatch Content Locker


  1. AirWatch Content Locker is accessible both on a web browser and via an app. Users can visit using a web browser and login with their network account and password. There are also native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac which allow access to the documents with or without network connection (offline mode).
  2. Committee secretaries can upload meeting documents to AirWatch and share them with members of the committee (by setting access rights) using a web browser or a native app. Members just “Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)” to the meeting for viewing the documents using either a web browser or a native app. With a native app, they can select files to be downloaded on the device for offline reading when there is no network connection.
  3. Each staff is given 2 GB disk quota. Due to limited resources, users are recommended to clean up the files on AirWatch regularly. Besides, students can only read the shared documents with access rights granted. They cannot upload documents to AirWatch but they can use Google Drive or O365 OneDrive for file storage.


Accessing AirWatch Content Locker

For accessing the service from a non-campus network, you need to connect with EdUHK VPN (For details, please refer to beforehand.

1. Using Web browser

We recommend meeting secretaries to login the AirWatch web client ( using a web browser for folder management, document upload and access control. For meeting attendees, they can use a web browser to access the shared documents but to do so they will need a network connection. For detailed instructions, please download AirWatch Content Locker web access user guide.

2. Content Locker app - Native Apps for Mobile devices

Besides viewing the shared files on AirWatch using a web browser, mobile device users can also install “Content - Workspace ONE” app available on Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). One benefit of using the native mobile app is that it supports offline mode such that users can select files to be downloaded on the device for reading when there is no network connection.

Get the App for your system: Apple App Store Google Play Store


Please refer to the following user guides for more information on accessing AirWatch using the respective mobile apps:



3. Content Locker Sync - Client Software for Windows and Mac

VMware provides a client software - Content Locker Sync - for installation on computers running MS Windows and Mac OS to access AirWatch. Same as the native apps for mobile devices, Content Locker Sync allows Windows and Mac users to download the shared documents for offline reading when there is no network connection. After Content Locker Sync is installed, a new folder "Personal Content" will be created. Documents in the “Personal Content” folder are synchronized with the shared documents on the AirWatch system (which is similar to Dropbox).


  • Features:
  • Enables two-way content synchronization from Self-Service Portal to your desktop computer
  • Sync based on scheduler and real-time folder changes
  • Sync personal and shared content
  • Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32- or 64-bit)
  • macOS Mavericks (10.9) or later


Download Content Locker Sync below:


When you first launch the Content Locker Sync, it will prompt for login. Please enter your EdUHK username and password to proceed.
Content Locker Sync Login


Note: The AirWatch system is backed up daily for disaster recovery purposes only. We will not entertain requests for restoring individual files that are deleted. AirWatch is setup as a temporary storage to support paperless meetings. It is not a replacement for the current file storage systems such as your personal N: drive and DMS.