Below is the listing of of the description of some of the commonly used UNIX commands for your reference.

Commands NameDescription
passwd Change password
quota -v Check disk quota
logout Logout from host computer
man, man -k Manual page of Unix command, keyword search of Unix command
ls, ls -l List contents of directory
pwd Display current path
cp <src> <dst> Copy file
mv <src> <dst> Move file
rm <file> Remove file
cd <dir> Change directory
mkdir <dir> Create sub-directory
rmdir <dir> Remove sub-directory
vi, pico <file> Text editor
more, less, cat Display file
tin Usenet News reader
lynx http:// ... Text based Web browser
ftp, ncftp ftp client
telnet, rlogin Login remote system
gcc C compiler
finger Display information about local and remote use
who, w Who is on the system