Under the new SPSS license agreement with IBM (from June 2020 to June 2025), staff and students can use the SPSS software both within and outside campus for academic and research purposes and all SPSS Statistics modules are made available. Users can use SPSS in one of the following two ways:

Compatibility issue with SPSS and macOS 14 fixed (Updated on 20 Dec 2023)

IBM has recently released a new version of SPSS (v29.0.2) to fix the compatibility issue with SPSS and macOS 14 released in Sep 2023. We highly encourage all macOS users using SPSS for statistical analysis to upgrade to the latest OS and SPSS 29.0.2. Before installing SPSS 29.0.2, users should first uninstall the previous version of SPSS by following the steps on How-uninstall-ibm-spss-statistics-subscription-mac-os. Then, download the installer at https://webapp.eduhk.hk/software_list_all/

Compatibility issue with SPSS and macOS 14 (Updated on 4 Oct 2023)

As confirmed by IBM, macOS 14 released on 26 Sep 2023 is not a SPSS-supported platform and is incompatible with all versions of SPSS. IBM said installing this OS will crash any version of SPSS. Users may need to consider delaying their plans to upgrade the OS on their Mac if they need to continue using SPSS at this stage. Please contact IT Help Desk at 2948 6601 or helpdesk@ocio.eduhk.hk should you have any questions.


New versions of SPSS are released by the developer from time to time. OCIO will update the network version and that on VDI platform in due course. Relevant announcements are made on The Portal and users are required to update the software and configurations accordingly. If you could not use SPSS on your computer, please check if the version you have is the latest one. Please contact IT Help Desk at 2948 6601 or helpdesk@ocio.eduhk.hk should you have any questions.

Modules available:

  • SPSS Statistics Base
    • Regression
    • Advanced Statistics
    • Custom Tables
    • Forecasting
    • Categories
    • Conjoint
    • Exact Tests
    • Missing Values
    • Decision Trees
    • Complex Sample
    • Data Preparation
    • Direct Marketing
    • Neural Networks
    • Bootstrapping
  • Amos

1. SPSS/Amos network version

Users can install and use the SPSS/Amos network version on their computer. To install and access SPSS/Amos, the computer requires an Internet connection and it must be connected to the EdUHK VPN before using the software. See below for the steps to install and use SPSS/Amos outside campus.


Install SPSS/Amos network version


  1. Download the SPSS/Amos installation file on https://webapp.eduhk.hk/software_list_all/.
  2. Choose the installation file according to your Windows platform. (Note: Amos is only Windows platform.)
  3. Make connection to EdUHK VPN if you have not done so. For details, please refer to EdUHK VPN Service.
  4. Launch the installation file.
  5. At the end of the installation, you need to license the product.
  6. Launch the "License Authorization Wizard" from the following location:
    Software applicationPath to the License Authorization Wiard
    SPSSStart -> IBM SPSS Statistic -> IBM SPSS Statistic 29 License Authorization Wizard
    AmosStart -> IBM SPSS Amos -> IBM SPSS Amos 29 License Authorization Wizard
  7. Choose "Concurrent user license" for the Product Authorization. And enter "lic-spss{version_number}.eduhk.hk" as the License Manager server name.
    SPSS/Amos versionLicense server name
    Version 29lic-spss29.eduhk.hk
    Illustration of the SPSS installation license type screen Illustration of the SPSS installation - enter server name screen
  8. It may take up to 30 minutes to finish the installation.


Launch SPSS/Amos


  1. Connect to EdUHK VPN if you have not done so.
  2. Launch SPSS/Amos.
  3. You will get a "Windows Security Alert" the first time you launch it. Tick the option "Private networks, such as my home or work network" and then click the "Allow access" button.
  4. For the "Unicode Mode", choose "Use Unicode encoding". (It is recommended that users should choose "Use Unicode encoding" no matter they use Chinese characters or not in SPSS.)
  5. Now you can open your SPSS data file.


Note: VPN is needed to enable your PC/notebook with SPSS/Amos to connect to the license server in the campus for available license. You could disconnect VPN after SPSS/Amos is successfully started if you want to.

2. SPSS/Amos on "VDI" platform

The "VDI" platform provides a quick access to SPSS/Amos without the need to actually install the software. To use SPSS/Amos on the VDI platform, please visit Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - For Staff service website for details.

Note: We have a limited number of SPSS/Amos concurrent licenses. When all licenses are used, users will not be able to use the software at that moment. In this case, please wait and try again later.