Laser printers can be used for years. The fuser unit is one of the most delicate component in the printer. You can use it for years if it is used properly. Nevertheless, a small hard object might damage the unit. Damaged fuser unit might result in bad printing images or lines. It costs HK$1000-2000 to get replaced.

The image illustrate fuser kit The image illustrate good fuserThe image illustrate bad fuser
  1. Small hard objects or materials with low melting points will damage the fuser unit . Staples or pins can ruin the whole fuser unit.
  2. Recycled paper is not recommended unless it is in good condition.
  3. Use proper paper - paper too thin, too thick will jam the printer.
  4. When paper jam, do not use brute force to remove the jammed paper. It might damage the fuser unit. Remove the paper gently.

Be considerate. Please do not let the followings get into printers.
The image illustrate what cannot get into printers