Using Windows Live Mail

This document mainly describes how to setup Windows Live Mail to access email for staff. Some basic operations are also included for users' reference. For more details, please refer to the Help menu of the software.

Note: The server settings also works for Windows Mail on Windows Vista with slightly difference in user interface.

Windows Live Mail Setup Procedures for Staff

  1. In Windows Live Mail, select Accounts -> Email from the ribbon menu.

  2. Windows Live Mail setup
  3. Enter your e-mail address, password and display name accordingly and click Next.

  4. Windows Live Mail setup
  5. Complete the followings for E-mail Server Settings. Then click Next.

    • My incoming mail server:
      Select IMAP.
    • Incoming server:

      • Enter
      • Tick the option "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" with port number "993"
      • Select "Clear Text" for "Authenticate using:"
      • Enter your EdUHK full email address (e.g. as the "Logon User Name"
    • Outgoing server:

      • Enter:
      • Then tick those option "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" and "Requires authentication" with port number "587".
    Windows Live Mail setup
  6. Click Finish to complete.

  7. Windows Live Mail setup
  8. Then you will be prompted to download folders and emails from the mail server, click Yes.


Sending Messages

  1. In Windows Live Mail, click the New button dirrectly.
  2. Enter recipients' email addresses at the To: field.
  3. Notes:
    • For two recipients or more, use semi-colons ';' to separate their email addresses.
    • You can select recipients from your own Address Book by clicking the To: button.
  4. Enter the subject and the message body.
  5. If needed, you can attach document to your email. To do that, click Insert -> File as Attachment and select the files to be attached.
  6. Finally, click on the Send button to send off the message.

    Windows Live Mail -Send email

Note: When your email has been sent successfully, a copy will be stored in the Sent Items folder. You need to regularly delete unwanted messages in this folder (and the Inbox folder as well) to keep your mailbox small and clean.


Deleting Messages

First select the messages you want to delete. Using either one of the following ways:

  • Click the Delete button. Or
  • Right click the email, then choose Delete from the menu.

    Windows Live Mail - Delete email