Scanning for threats using McAfee Endpoint Security

The McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) software allows you to scan your computer for threats (e.g. virus, trojan, malware and etc.). Before you scan, please make sure that the software is using a up-to-date virus signature file and virus scanning engine. For details, please visit Updating signature for McAfee Endpoint Security.

To scan your computer for virus using McAfee ENS, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click "Start -> McAfee -> McAfee Endpoint Security".
    Launch McAfee ENS

  2. Click Scan Now. (Note: Make sure you have a up-to-date virus signature. If not, click "Update Now" before you start scanning.)
    Click scan now in ENS

  3. Click "Scan Now" on the right hand side under the "Full Scan" session.
    Run full scan in ENS

  4. Then McAfee ENS will start scanning your computer. Please wait for the task to complete. (It may takes hours to scan depends on the number of files on your computer.)
    ENS scanning in progress

  5. When a virus is found, it will prompt for your action. Follow the instructions prompted.