Network Teaching Software

OCIO makes available some special software (e.g., CorelDraw, Video Studio Pro) on the network for teaching and learning purposes. These "Network Teaching Software" are not installed locally in the hard disk but could be accessible after you have logged into the network with your network account.

To access the "Network Teaching Software", follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have logged into the network.
  2. Click on the Network Teaching Software mini icon icon on the taskbar.
  3. Then, you will get a window similar to the following one.

    Network Teaching Software Menu

  4. Click on the required application to start it.

* After having used a software from "Network Teaching Software", the software will change some local settings on the PC, though the software is running over the network. The Overwrite checkbox (at the bottom of the window) allows you to start a software as if it is being used the first time. For instance, you may need to do that when you want to restore the default setup of a particular software application. In that case, check the Overwrite checkbox before clicking on the application.

The Overwrite checkbox image



The software packages available in the "Network Teaching Software" vary from location, and subject to change due to software license agreement.