Classroom Training

Microsoft Excel for Advanced Users (One Day)

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

    • Formatting Data
      • Create Custom Number Formatting
      • Visualization with Conditional Formatting
      • Sparkine
    • Organizing and Analyzing Data
      • Adding summarized information by using Subtotal tool
      • Creating Outline for presenting level of detail
      • Using Pivot Table for dynamic summarizing analysis
      • Using Slicer for better presentation on Pivot Table
    • More Advanced in Formula
      • Give Name to Ranges
      • Use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and LOOKUP for referencing
    • What-if-Data Analysis
      • Compare situation wih Scenario Report
      • Find the target with Goal Seek
      • Solve optimization problem with Solver
      • Use Data Table to generate result of different input
    • Collaboration and Sharing
      • Lock Cell to prevent modification
      • Allow different users to edit certain range
      • Protect Worksheet
      • Protect Workbook
      • Add workbook password