MachForm - An eForm System for Survey and Data Collection

MachForm - Form Manager image

In order to help users create electronic forms (eForm) for survey and data collection easily, OCIO has introduced an eForm service - MachForm - for staff and students. MachForm is an web-based form builder which is very easy to use. All EdUHK staff and students could create eforms without the need to apply for the service.

There are two MachForm based eForm platforms now. One is for conducting anonymous survey forms where the user identity is not captured when submitting data for the survey. The other platform only allows EdUHK users to access and it records the network accounts of EdUHK users when they submit the data.

Note: With the rollout of the more powerful Qualtrics last year, the Machform system with similar functions at "" and "" will retire on 30 June 2021. Users should save the data on the MachForm system and/or rebuilt the form on Qualtrics (if needed) before the retirement date. Otherwise, they may not be able to retrieve the forms or data afterwards.

Please see for more information about Qualtrics.

New MachForm System

On 15 Dec 2017, a new version of Machform system with advanced features is launched. To access and create a form, please visit the followings with your EdUHK network account and password:

(Effective from 31 Oct 2018, the anonymous survey form is no longer covered by the Single-Sign-On system. Users should login with their network account and password.)

Creating a form with MachForm is really as easy as "drag and drop". Just select the box you would like to have on your form and then drag it to where you like it to be on the form. To submit data through the form, users just go to the URL of the form through a browser. The data collected will be stored in the MachForm system for the form owner to process. The data collected are stored in the form owner's own repository and are accessible by the owner only. With the new system, creating eForm will be effortless and users can create and publish their own online forms or surveys within minutes. No programming experience nor training is required!


Features Highlight of the new MachForm System

  • Intuitive, fully web-based and easy to use.
  • Mobile friendly with responsive design.
  • Conditional Logic – Show/hide field, skip pages, logic to send emails.
  • Email Notifications - To owner or user; form owners can also set to send data to another website.
  • Supports saving the form and resuming it later.
  • A number of theme templates to choose from or even build your own theme.
  • Supports Electronic Signature
  • Supports reCAPTCHA version 2
  • Many field types to choose from - e.g. Text, Multiple Choice, Check Boxes, Drop Down List, Matrix Choice Field, etc.
  • Easy field/form duplication.
  • Form validation options (“Required” / “No Duplicates”).
  • Supports form password - only those who know the password could submit the form (after users login with EdUHK network account).
  • Supports "file upload" to allow attachment(s).
  • Supports the export of data collected to an Excel file for further analysis.
  • Supports embedded code generation - Integrate the form into your website page by the code provided.

NOTE: Users are recommended to limit the number of questions in the form or survey below 100. Otherwise, it will be very slow to edit the form.

Creating and Distributing Survey Forms with MachForm

  1. To access the system and create a form, go to:
  2. To get the eForm URL, select the form you created. Right click "View" and choose "Copy Link Address"
    MachForm - copy link address image.
  3. Send the eForm URL or the website address of the embedded eForm to your target survey participants.
  4. Login to export the data as needed.

Training material for MachForm


  1. Users should be reminded to avoid any collection of personal data such as HKID, Passport number, credit card information, as far as possible. If personal data are being collected, please kindly make sure the relevant Privacy Policy Statement and Personal Information Collection Statement are included as required by the law. Please kindly refer to here for more information on personal data protection.
  2. Users are reminded to comply with the University's Information Security Policy
  3. Form owners are responsible for the housekeeping of the data captured, and making or backup of the data regularly. Data on the system will be removed after one year.
  4. There are limitations and recommendations on using "File Upload" on Machform, please refer to FAQ for more details.
  5. Users can also use Google Docs (a service provided by Google) to create anonymous survey form for external users or users without EdUHK network account and password. Training videos about creating forms with Google Docs is also available on the Internet. Please visit
  6. For functional account, user must enable the email feature in order to access the new MachForm system.
  7. Please also see FAQ for more related information.
  8. For best viewing experience, it is recommended to use modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.