IronPort Anti-Spam Services

The word "Spam" as applied to email means "unsolicited bulk email". The IronPort anti-spam services, based on Cisco’s IronPort technology, is to provide spam filtering functions for all staff members and staff related email accounts on Office 365. Incoming emails from the Internet will first go through the IronPort system, and based on its own algorithm IronPort will determine if a mail is likely to be a spam. Suspected spam will be stored in the system and a digest of the suspected spam will be sent to the users by email on a daily basis; whereas 'good' mails will be sent to user's mailbox as usual. If needed, users can "release" any of the filtered messages to their mailboxes through the notification email. Users can also login the IronPort Anti-Spam System to manage the filtered messages before they are removed from the system after 90 days.

The following diagram illustrates how the anti-spam system operates.

diagram illustrates how the anti-spam system operates

Please kindly note that although the system is very intelligent in recognising junk email, still users have to judge how much they should rely on the system to handle junk email.

Below is a typical notification email for a list of filtered messages sent by the IronPort system for users' reference.

A typical notification email sent to users on a daily basis.  The email contains a list of email messages filtered by the Antispam system.  Through the email, user can view the content of the email.  If necessary, user can click on ‘Release’ to send the filtered message to his/her own mailbox.

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