VMWare Horizon Workspace Logo

Horizon Workspace is a VMWare product that provides a virtual desktop or platform where users can easily access some special Windows applications from Windows PC or Macintosh computer through a web browser.

Note: For better use of IT resources, Horizon Workspace will retire on 31 May 2020. The virtual desktop used to provide access on software such as SPSS, AMOS and MLwiN. Users are recommended to install the SPSS network version on their computers while colleagues can access other software on the VDI platform. Please see https://www.eduhk.hk/ocio/spss-home-use for information on SPSS license and https://www.eduhk.hk/ocio/vdi for details about the VDI platform.

Accessing Horizon Workspace

With a web browser, Windows or Macintosh computers users can visit https://workspace.eduhk.hk to gain access to the Horizon Workspace. First time users are required to install the appropriate VMWare Horizon Client software.

How to:
  1. Download and install the VMWare Horizon Client on your computer (you only need to do this once).
  2. For accessing the service at home, you need to first make connection to EdUHK VPN (For details, please refer to https://www.eduhk.hk/ocio/vpn-service).
  3. Open any browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari) and visit https://workspace.eduhk.hk.
  4. Enter your EdUHK username and password and click "Sign In".
    Illustration of the VMWare Workspace login screen
  5. Click on the application icon to launch it.
    Illustration of the VMWare Workspace application selection screen

Note: Please also see FAQs for more related information about the Horizon Workspace services.

Warning: The Citrix platform "https://citrix.eduhk.hk/" is obsolete and will retire on 31 Dec 2016. Users are suggested to use the new Horizon Workspace platform.