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What is Echo360?

  • Echo360 is an event capturing tool.
  • It allows for recording of lectures and speeches for later transmission.
  • The captured video can be viewed anytime through the web.

Echo360 Service at EdUHK (for Staff Only)Echo360 demo screen

  • It captures lectures and speeches in our large lecture rooms to digital form for later web access.
  • It captures the projected slides/computer screen of the presentation, the voice of the speakers through the microphone and the image of the speakers.
  • Once captured and processed, students or end users could re-visit the lectures and presentation through a web browser.
  • Normally it takes one day to process or encode the video.
  • Currently the service is only supported in the following lecture rooms:
    • C-LP-11
    • D1-LP-02
    • D1-LP-03
    • D1-LP-04
    • D2-LP-05
  • Staff could request the service through the standard "Classroom Service Request Form (F017)" which can be obtained at ocio/forms.
  • The URL to access the captured video through Echo360 will be sent to the requester by email.
  • Requester could include the URL in their web page or e-learning system or send it to the students or the end-users concerned.
  • Please click an example of recorded session.

Limitations and Tips

  • Setup of Echo360 requires many cabling and integration with the Public Address system and camera. Only large theatres have the camera and PA system in place. For classrooms, we recommend users to use ordinary DV camcorder to record the class.
  • For good sound capture or speakers who need to move around during the lecture, speakers might need to use wireless microphone.
  • Echo360 is good at capturing the voice and the slides. The images of the speaker is relatively small to reduce the bandwidth requirement.
  • Viewers of the video recorded by Echo360 should use broadband or faster network to view the video smoothly.