Skype for Business Meetings provide the ability for up to 250 people to collaborate online by using features such as video, audio, instant messaging, or content sharing.

Skype for Business Multiparty Audio and Video

Skype for Business Online provides multiparty (three or more users) audio and video conferencing capabilities. Active speaker video is available only for multiparty sessions. With Skype for Business Online, users can easily schedule an online meeting with video or seamlessly escalate an IM session to a video call.

The video experience is enhanced by the following features:

  • HD video - Users can experience resolutions up to HD 1080P in two-party calls and multiparty conferences.
  • Gallery View - In video conferences that have more than two people, users can see videos of participants in the conference. If the conference has more than five participants, video of only the most active participants appears in the top row, and a picture appears for the other participants.
  • H.264 video - The H.264 video codec is now the default for encoding video on Skype for Business clients. H.264 video supports a greater range of resolutions and frame rates, and improves video scalability.
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    Note: Performance will be vary depends on your environment such as network bandwidth.