Settings for PRC's pinyin IME:

  1. Click "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel"
  2. Choose "Regional and Language Options" by double click.
  3. Change to the "Languages" tab then click "Details" button.(If you had install Pinyin IME jump to point 7.)
  4. Click "Add" button.
  5. Choose "Chinese (PRC)" from the Input language option.
  6. Check the "Keyboard layout/IME" box then choose "Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft PinYin IME 3.0" and click "OK"
  7. Click "Properties".
  8. From the "General" tab, check the option "incomplete input" then click "OK".

Your can type "r m d h t" and then press space bar and the pinyin IME will show 人民大會堂 and other choice if available, you need to press enter to confirm your selection. We enable the learning function so that it can learn as time goes by so that after a few round you can type x g j y x y to show 香港教育學院