To clean the computer virus, please note the following:

  1. If you have a virus free PC, and you suspect that your diskettes contain virus, you can use this PC to check and disinfect your diskettes one by one. Please make sure your hard disk is free from virus or else it would only spread virus rather than killing them.
  2. If the detected virus is attached to a WORD or EXCEL document, please close all applications, especially WORD and EXCEL, and press Clean button (which is prompted by McAfee VirusScan when virus is detected) to clean the virus.
  3. For those viruses other than the above, please shutdown your PC properly. Then restart (cold boot) your PC by the power switch and boot it up by a Virus Cleaning Boot Diskette. Follow the instruction and it will scan and disinfect the virus in your hard disk automatically.
  4. You can also download some virus removal tools to scan your computer. (e.g. Stinger from Mcafee)