The email security gateway service is deployed by OCIO for all staff members with an aim to alleviate the spam problem. The service is based on latest technology which is one of the leaders in the market and is used by many local universities. Incoming mails from the Internet will first go through the system for spam filtering. Suspected spam will be stored in the system and only 'good' mails will be sent to user's mailbox. Users will be notified by email with a list of messages quarantined by the system on a daily basis and if needed, they can retrieve the filtered messages from the URL in the email. For details, please visit the Email Security Gateway service webpage.

Spam has been an annoying issue for a long time. We expect the service can help filter a significant number of unwanted emails.

Note: However, that there is no silver bullet to the problem. The service can only alleviate the problem but it cannot totally eliminate the nuisance caused by junk mails.