OCIO creates and maintains computer accounts for staff and students of the University.

Staff members use the network accounts and email accounts to sign on the University's network and email system respectively. For sending messages to other members, senders simply refer to the recipients' names in the address book. Exchange of emails with external parties must be via Internet addresses.

For students, they use the EdUHK network account to gain access to the various network services, and use the Google account for Google Gmail.

If you require services like publishing personal web pages, you will need to apply for a UNIX account.

Categories of Account

Computer AccountsPurposes
Network Account

Network Services

  • Network application software
  • Network file storage, e.g. N: drive
  • Network printing
  • Intranet Access
Email Account

Electronic Mail Services

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Webmail
  • Mobile App
UNIX Account

UNIX Services

  • Publish personal web pages
  • Write CGI programmes
  • Write applications using C, Shell scripts or Perl, etc.
  • Read Internet news


Staff Accounts

Staff computer accounts have the following name conventions:

Network Accountnametmchan
Email Accountnametmchan
UNIX Accountnametmchan
Internet Email
Google account on "Friends"
Google account on Student

Network and email accounts for staff will be created automatically. Information regarding the account usernames and initial passwords will be sent to users through internal mail. Note that all staff use ONE username and ONE password for all network services, including network and email services.

Colleagues are provided with two Google accounts to access the G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education), which is a collection of web-based programs including Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs / Drives, Google Sites, and etc. The Google account on the student account domain, i.e., has a feature of allowing staff and students to use Google Classroom. The other account on the “friends” domain, i.e., are provided to staff for good so that they could still connected to the University after they leave the University. Colleagues can access the Google account with the same network password. For details, please visit Google Accounts for Staff.

For UNIX account, one can apply through The Portal, which is available at iServices > Online Services > Unix Account Registration.


Students Accounts

Student computer accounts have the following name conventions:

Network Account's' + first 7 digits of Student numbers0912345
Email Account's' + first 7 digits of Student numbers0912345
UNIX Account's' + first 7 digits of Student numbers0912345
Internet Email Address"email account"

All students use ONE account username and ONE password for all EdUHK network services, while they have a separate password for accessing the Google-based Webmail system. Their accounts are created using information provided by the Registry and no application is needed. Network and email accounts for students are created automatically right after they got their EdU Card.

For UNIX account, one can apply through The Portal, which is available at iServices > Online Services > Unix Account Registration.


Account Passwords

The initial passwords for staff accounts will be generated and sent to the staff concerned through internal mail.

For students, the initial account password is the first 6 digits of your EdUHK student number plus the last 4 digits of the HKID number (including the check digit) or the last 4 digits of the mainland ID (內地身分証號碼) for Mainland students/ passport number for overseas students.

initial passwords image

* ID No. refers to HKID or Mainland ID or Passport No. As an example, if the student number is 09123459:
- HKID holders:   if HKID number is A123456(A), the initial password will be 091234456a
- Mainland students: if mainland ID is 220890199008075678, the initial password will be 0912345678
- Overseas students: if passport number is ABC12345678, the initial password will be 0912345678;

For security reasons, users are recommended to change the password when they get their accounts and thereafter, change it regularly. It is the University’s policy that users should change their account passwords every year. To change passwords, please visit The Portal. For more details, please refer to Password Policy .

If you have forgotten your account password or your accounts have been disabled after 6 grace logins, you may reset it using one of the CyberStations in the campus or visit IT Help Desk. In any cases, please bring along your EdU Card.


Expiry of Accounts

Warning: All computer accounts will normally be terminated when you ceased to be a member of the University. All data files, including email messages (except students' email messages), will be deleted. It is the users' responsibilities to backup their own data prior to the termination of their accounts.


Users are responsible for their computer accounts and should keep their login and password safe. You

  • SHOULD keep your login name AND password CONFIDENTIAL;
  • SHOULD change your password on a regular basis;
  • SHOULD log out from your EdUHK account when you have finished using it, especially at public/shared computers;
  • SHOULD NOT leave your computer unattended;
  • SHOULD NOT record your login name and/or password in any format. If you must record them, keep them separate and safe in a place where only you yourself can access; and
  • SHOULD NOT use personal information, in particular your HKID card number, initials of your name or your school name as your password as it could be easily deciphered.

Disk Quota

Different network services allow users to save files or emails on our servers. Information saved on the servers can be accessed through network-connected PC. To ensure a fair use of our resources, there are storage quotas for different network services as shown in the following table for each kind of computer accounts.

UsersNetwork N: DriveEmail MailboxMaximum Email Message SizeUNIX File Storage
Staff50MB50GB20MB *10MB
Students50MBUnlimited **25MB **10MB

Disk space on the network are precious computer resources. Users must check and remove any obsolete files or emails regularly. If there are legitimate reasons for increasing the disk quota, please complete the Additional Disk Quota Application Form.

* Though the maximum outgoing email message size for staff members is 20MB, whether the recipient can get it will depend on the receiving email server. Please note that many free email services, such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, allow users only to receive emails up to 10MB in size.

** The student email service, i.e. Google Apps for Education, is provided by Google.


Print Quota

Each student will be given a print quota of HK$120 every year. Students can use the stored value for black & white (b/w) and color laser printing through the network printers in the computer rooms. The cost for each page is specified in the table below:

 Cost per page (simplex)Cost per duplex printed paper side
A4 b/w Printing$0.3$0.2
A3 b/w Printing$0.6$0.4
A4 Colour Printing$1.5$1.0
A3 Colour Printing$3.0$2.0

If students need to print more, they can buy additional non-refundable quota using the Octopus Payment Machines (OPM) in the campus. No refund will be given for unused balance.

If you want to check your print quota balance, please click here!