Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Room Features

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The Adobe Connect server was upgraded to version 9.5 on 21 Nov 2015. To use the new Connect Meeting Server, please go to The old server "" was retired and all data on this server will be purged after 30 Jun 2016. Users should backup and export data from this server if necessary.

Adobe Connect Pro is a web-based communication system that colleague can do:

  • Online Meeting
  • Broadcast Event to Internet
  • Conduct Teaching Class Online

Hardware and Software Requirement

  1. PC or Notebook with Flash (over 90% of the notebook has Flash installed)
  2. Internet connection. The bandwidth requirement depends on the media used. For video, you might need to have sustained bandwidth of 1Mbit/s.
  3. USB Camera and headset if voice and video of the speakers and participant are required.
  4. Adobe Connect add-in (For desktop sharing feature). You can download it from here.

Roles in Adobe Connect Pro Meeting

  • Meeting Host (Only Staff could be meeting host)
  • Presenter (Participants to whom the host delegate the right to control the presentation and the online meeting)
  • Participants

How to use it

  • You need to book the Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Room which is a virtual room so as to ensure that the system is used by you. We made the "CPMR - Connect Pro Meeting Room" as a virtual meeting room so that we could ensure the system is not overloaded and classes in the meeting room could be conducted in an ordered fashion. However, bookings are made under an honest system, we need our colleagues to book the meeting in advance. To book the Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Room, just go to iBooking and book the Connect Pro Virtual Meeting Room under OCIO computer laboratories (please choose "Tai Po Main Campus -> Block C -> ADDA - Connect Pro Virtual Meeting Room"). Please kindly note that the room is limited to 50 persons due to license restriction.
  • Host of the meeting should login the Adobe Connect with their network account and password and create the virtual meeting room with information about time of the meeting and the system will generate a URL for that meeting room. You could also specify who could join the meeting for meeting, event or class by selecting the attendants from the list.
  • Users could use the built-in function to send invitation to the attendants or send the URL with meeting time to the participants by email or other means.
  • Participants will go to the URL at the specific times to join the meeting with their user account and password, the host must login the throughout the meeting.
  • Host and Presenter might need to upload the PowerPoint, support documents and media files (e.g. mp3 and flash video (flv)) before the meeting, event or class so as to save time.


OCIO organizes training on using Adobe Connect Pro in the staff training, staff are welcome to enroll the training if needed. For details, please kindly visit Staff Training Information. You can also download the training material called "Using Adobe Connect for v7.5" for references.

You can refer to the video on "How to use Adobe Connect Pro Meeting". You can also visit the Adobe TV. There are lots of video for you to learn adobe connect.

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