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EdUHK to Introduce GBA Curriculum

At a press conference today (27 July), The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) announced new curriculum initiatives for its undergraduate studies, including deepening understanding of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) through exchanges and visits, and enhancing ICT literacy in tandem with societal needs.


  •  Understanding GBA (Compulsory)

Teaching in the GBA has presented new opportunities for EdUHK graduates, following the opening of “Hong Kong-style” schools in the region. Starting from the 2023/24 academic year, the University will introduce “Cross-faculty Core Subjects”, part of which will facilitate visits by undergraduate students to GBA. Depending on their major, students will be given an opportunity to learn about the latest developments of GBA in the areas of innovation, economic development, arts and other creative industries, youth entrepreneurship and education. They are required to submit group reports afterwards to reflect upon their learning experience. To be implemented in phases, the new core subject will be extended to over 1,300 undergraduates each year by 2026/27.

  • GBA Field experience (Extended learning)

A pilot will be launched for education majors to undertake block practice in GBA schools, in collaboration with Shenzhen Hong Kong Pui Kiu College Longhua Xinyi School, The Affiliated School of Jinan University of Hong Kong and Macao Students in Guangzhou, and The Affiliated School of Jinan University of Hong Kong and Macao Students in Dongguan. Each of these partner schools will offer four to six places for EdUHK student teachers. During the three-week field experience, a supervisor will be assigned to each student teacher to guide them through class observations, tutorials, direct teaching, and the execution of extra-curricular activities. A certificate will be awarded to those with satisfactory performance.


  • IB certificate (Minor)

A minor on teaching and learning in international schools has been on offer, covering teacher development, learning and teaching, curriculum and assessment in international schools, and international schools in the global context. Field experience is part of the elective courses. Bachelor of Education (BEd) majors who successfully complete 15 credit points can earn the International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate in Teaching and Learning. To date, 49 BEd students specialising in science, Chinese history, Chinese language, early childhood education, English language, ICT, mathematics or physical education have fulfilled the IB requirements.

  • Enhancing ICT literacy (Minor)

Minors focusing on innovation, creativity and STEM are available to enhance students’ ability in the related areas. Alternative pathways, namely Artificial Intelligence Literacy and the Student Teacher Education Programme, have also been introduced for all undergraduates to fulfil the related graduation requirements. This is in addition to the AI elements incorporated into BEd programmes to strengthen students’ subject knowledge. 
EdUHK Vice President (Academic) and Provost Professor John Lee Chi-kin said, “In the face of the ever-changing world, our future generations must move with the times to grasp the new opportunities, as well as acquiring a solid knowledge base. Through the enhanced curriculum, we hope our students can have better understanding about Hong Kong, our country and the world. Taking a holistic approach, we aim to nurture talent who are passionate, professional, ethical and innovative.”