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25th Primary STEM Project Exhibition

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)’s Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) and the Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (CESD) held today (11 May) the 25th Primary STEM Project Exhibition (PSPE) at the Hong Kong Central Library. It was the first in-person PSPE in three years. 


This year’s theme was 'Water and Sustainable Development', and over 1,000 primary students and teachers from schools in the Greater Bay Area (including local schools) participated in what was the largest annual exhibition on STEM education in Hong Kong. The exhibition showcased their innovative ideas on water resource management, using cross-disciplinary subject knowledge and STEM skills. 
Nearly 150 projects were displayed, with students demonstrating their inquiry processes and outcomes in three areas, namely sustainable water consumption, water and sanitation, and aquatic lives. They reflected on their use of water resources in their daily lives and those of other members of the community, while exploring water pollution and aquatic ecosystem conservation issues. 


Dr Li Wai-chin, one of the chairpersons of the exhibition’s organising committee said, “We are delighted that all participating students have contributed their own ideas and unleashed their boundless creativity to contribute to the improvement of water resource management." Dr Sarah Lee Hoi-man, another chairperson said, “Through the exhibition, we hope to enhance students’ learning interest and promote interdisciplinary learning, fostering the development of STEM education.” 


A panel of judges selected outstanding projects for various award categories, including ‘25th Anniversary Awards’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement Awards’. The panel was composed of professionals and educators from various sectors, including government departments, higher education, education organisations, green organisations, and EdUHK scholars. The four schools which won 25th Year Awards were Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School, Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School, SKH Tsing Yi Chu Yan Primary School and Kau Yan School.


One winning project, from Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School, observed how coral fragments could grow back on fabricated coral reef plates to provide habitats for fish. Students from Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School designed a water-saving tap by integrating coding and a water restrictor; the SKH Tsing Yi Chu Yan Primary School team created an AI-auto garbage classification tool, driven by solar energy to distinguish marine litter and living organisms; while Kau Yan School used an AI camera to classify plastic and non-plastic marine litter.

The organising committee will upload the videos of inquiry process submitted by teams onto PSPE website after the Exhibition. For more details, please visit the PSPE website: 


*Co-organisers: (in alphabetical order)

Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, EdUHK
Center for STEM Education of the National Institute of Education Sciences 
Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence Teachers Association
Department of Science and Environmental Studies, EdUHK
Education Bureau
Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education
Hong Kong Education City
Hong Kong Science Museum

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