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EdUHK Receives Donation from Li Ka Shing Foundation to Cultivate AI Literacy

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has received a donation of HK$4.2 million from the Li Ka Shing Foundation (LKSF), to support the launch of the second phase of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy Programme. The programme helps students with diverse academic backgrounds learn the concepts of AI, such as machine learning and deep learning, and its applications in AI. 


The programme aims to enhance students’ conceptual understanding of AI algorithms, enable beginners to develop AI applications, and lead them to reflect on related ethical issues. The three-year project is led by Professor Kong Siu-cheung, Director of Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, and is expected to benefit 1,000 university and senior secondary students.


In 2020, EdUHK received a donation of HK$5 million from LKSF for the first phase of the AI Literacy Programme and to develop the ‘Animated Singalong Mathematics Project’. The project trained 255 future teachers using the Edge AI teaching kit. It also recruited more than 220 senior secondary students to participate in the pilot programme. 


The University thanked LKSF for its generous support, which helps expand the scale of the project and lay the foundations for AI literacy education and its application by the young generation.