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Professor TSANG, Po Keung Eric (曾寶強教授)

Professor TSANG, Po Keung Eric (曾寶強教授)

Professor (Practice), Department of Science and Environmental Studies; Registrar


(852) 2948 7664

Research Output

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Environmental science
  • Application of nanotechnology in the removal of pollutants in various types of environmental samples
  • Environmental education

Professor Eric Tsang holds a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Birmingham (UK), and a master of science degree and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast (UK). He also obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Distinction) at The University of Hong Kong.


Professor Tsang is an environmental scientist by training, specialising in the application of nanotechnology to remove pollutants from various types of environmental samples. In recent years, he has been commissioned by various bodies, such as the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, the Environment and Conservation Fund, the Quality Education Fund, and private funds to conduct contract research projects. Professor Tsang also specialises in environmental education research, particularly in the evaluation of environmental education programmes, and was one of the pioneers of the Green School initiative. In recognition of his role in promoting collaboration between Hong Kong and mainland China, Professor Tsang was appointed visiting professor by Northeast Normal University and South China Normal University. He was also appointed founding director of the Hong Kong and Guangzhou Centre for Environmental and Science Education in South China Normal University.


Professor Tsang is active in the community, having been appointed chairman and member of numerous high-level government committees, such as the Transport Advisory Committee, the Advisory Council on the Environment, and the Environment and Conservation Fund. He also acted as a community leader in promoting green culture through his role as the chairman of Green Power, a major green NGO in Hong Kong, and served as a member of funding bodies, such as the Environment and Conservation Fund, for vetting research applications.


Internationally, Professor Tsang was appointed as a panel member (outreach panel) of the International Year of Global Understanding, launched by the International Geographical Union and UNESCO. He was also appointed as an Associate Director of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre (Hong Kong).