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Professor CHENG, Kat Hung Dennis (鄭吉雄教授)

Professor CHENG, Kat Hung Dennis (鄭吉雄教授)

Chair Professor of Cultural History


(852) 2948 7245

Research Output

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Chinese intellectual history
  • Studies of Yijing and Its philosophy
  • East Asian hermeneutic traditions and theories
  • Intellectual history in late imperial China

Prior to joining the then Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2012, Professor Dennis Cheng was Professor in the Department of Chinese Literature at the National Taiwan University (2002-2012). He is famous for being one of the leaders in involving the “Project of Pursuing for Excellence (first phase)” (2000-2004) and in setting up the “NTU Center for the Study of East Asian Civilization” (2002-2006), both initiated and supported by the Ministry of Education. He had also worked with sixteen scholars from four universities on a collaborative project “Innovative and Inter-disciplinary Program in Contemporary Interpretations of Canonical Texts” supported by the MoE for which he served as the P. I. . He has been active in giving talks at top universities in the east and west. Specifically he had worked in two world leading international institutions in Asian Studies. He was appointed “Senior Visiting Research Fellow” at the Asia Research Institute (ARI) of National University of Singapore in 2007 and later appointed “European Chair of Chinese Studies” (ECCS) at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) of Leiden University (2010-2011). He has come to know the latest trends of scholarship in Chinese Studies in particular, and Asian Studies in general. He specializes on a variety of areas in Chinese studies, mainly on Confucianism, Chinese intellectual history and East Asian hermeneutic traditions focusing on the interpretation theories of the Classic of Changes (Yijing and their commentaries), involving the disciplines of history, philology, philosophy, and their inner connections. He had published 5 books, 12 editing volumes and more than 50 reviewed articles.