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Vision and Mission of AEDI

  • To create a higher level of synergy among Centres/Institutes and enhance inter-centre and inter-disciplinary collaboration as well as facilitate one-stop coherent collaboration with external agencies; 
  • To serve as a hub of educational development and innovation under EdUHK in the contexts of Hong Kong, Greater Bay Areas and beyond; and 
  • To generate income, attract donations, enhance EdUHK’s image and create social impact for educational and related communities.


Major Work

  • To bid for tenders, consultancy projects and undertake externally funded projects; 
  • To work with internal units including but not limited to Faculties and external bodies to operate self-financing programmes and activities; 
  • To serve as a central platform for interested colleagues to engage in self-financing activities under a second contract or special approval arrangement; 
  • To strengthen the partnership and networks with kindergartens and schools, other universities, government, industry, and related sectors; and 
  • To empower kindergartens and schools to become future-oriented organisations building upon their traditional strengths to better serve the students of today and tomorrow. 
  • To reinforce government policy and support teaching and learning of schools to continuously nurture educators and social leaders. 
  • To seek donations for various purposes e.g. professorship endowment and professor emeritus as well as sponsorship of PhD studentship. 



Academy Members

Management Committee
DirectorProfessor John Lee Chi-Kin
MembersMr Armstrong Lee Hon-cheung
 Professor Kenneth Sin Kuen-fung
 Dr Patrick Yun Pui-ho
 Dr Kevin Yung Wai-ho
Executive Committee
DirectorProfessor John Lee Chi-Kin

Executive Co-Directors

Professor Pamela Leung Pui-wan 
 Professor Kenneth Sin Kuen-fung
 Professor Susanna Yeung Siu-sze 
Associate Co-DirectorsDr Maxwell Ho Chun-sing 
 Dr Kevin Yung Wai-ho 
Affiliated Fellows
Affiliated FellowProfessor Philip Li Hui
Affiliated Associate FellowDr Wu Dandan
Academy Fellows
Mr Chan Hung
Mr Chen Dion
Ms Kathy Chung Lai-kam, MH
Mr Lai Kam-tong
Mrs Stella Lau Kun Lai-kuen, SBS, JP
Ms Lee Yi-ying
Dr George Leung Wing-hung 
Mr Poon Siu-chi

Institutes and Centres




Mainland China


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