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Emeritus Professor Kerry Kennedy Earns Outstanding Achievement Award

Professor KENNEDY, Kerry John | Advisor (Academic Development), Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Emeritus Professor Kerry Kennedy, Advisor (Academic Development) at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Governance and Citizenship, The Education University of Hong Kong, has received an award for Outstanding Achievement from the Children’s Identity and Citizenship European Association (CiCea). The award recognises the excellence of his work on citizenship education and his acting as a ‘bridge’ between citizenship education communities in Europe and Asia.


Professor Kennedy’s book Asia Europe Education Dialogue Book Series is dedicated to promoting dialogue between scholars in Europe and Asia.


The award was presented by the Scientific Committee at the 21st CiCea Conference held at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, from 9 to 11 May. Professor Hue Ming-tak at the Department of Special Education and Counselling, Drs Linnie Wong Koon-lin at the Department of Education Policy and Leadership, Eric Chong King-man at the Department of Social Sciences (SSC), and Francis Mok Ka-tung at SSC also had their papers delivered at the international conference.