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“One City One Book Hong Kong 2022” Campaign

The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies (LCS) and The International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IRCCS) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has announced that Moving a Stone, a book-length collection and translation of the poetry of local writer Yam Gong, has been chosen as the “one book” for the year. 


“One City, One Book” is a community reading initiative that is popular around the world. It aims to encourage as many people as possible to read and discuss a single book at around the same time. From September to December, the project invites students, scholars and readers of all kinds to focus their attention on one single book. A series of activities related to the chosen book are held, including discussions of the book and its themes, along with exhibitions, school activities, cultural performances and library events. The goals of the initiative are to build a sense of community and to promote reading, discussion, and civic engagement.


Moving a Stone presents a new view of Yam Gong’s poetry, which has developed over the last several decades. Chinese readers will encounter his strong imagery and insightful reflections, while on the facing pages, English readers will have one of their first opportunities to experience this important Hong Kong voice. Yam Gong’s work is beloved not only for its surprising ideas and points of view, but also for its engagement with classical literature and the Hong Kong community. Mr James Shea and Dr Dorothy Tse have done a masterful job in translating Yam Gong’s work. 


The Director of One City One Book Hong Kong, Dr Jeffrey Clapp, Associate Professor of LCS, said, “Hong Kong is a city of many facets, and Yam Gong’s work shows us things we didn’t know about the place we live. Sometimes it shouts and sometimes it whispers, but the voice of this unique writer always cuts through to new ideas and new stories. By reading this book together, we offer everybody the opportunity to enjoy this distinctive poetry, while also building a stronger sense of community.”


For more information, please visit the official website of “One City One Book Hong Kong" at or its Facebook Page at

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