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EdUHK Signs MoU with Peking University to Promote History Education

With the aim of facilitating students’ understanding of Chinese history and culture, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)’s Faculty of Humanities (FHM) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of History at Peking University. The partnership will foster collaboration on various fronts to further strengthen the academic level at both universities.  


Presiding at the signing ceremony was Professor Wang Qisheng, Head of Peking University’s Department of History. He was joined by Professor John Erni, Dean of FHM at EdUHK in signing the agreement.  


Under the agreement, both universities will undertake research collaboration and scholarly exchanges by jointly organising academic conferences, forums, seminars and short-term professional training. Exchange opportunities will also be offered to broaden the horizons of students from the two universities majoring in Chinese and Western history.


As the first institution in modern China dedicated to the teaching history, the Department of History at Peking University can be traced back to 1899 when the Section of History was established at the Imperial Capital University. During the ceremony, Professor Erni said, “With its rigorous culture and high academic standing, the Department of History at Peking University has nurtured numerous renowned historians and experts over the years. I firmly believe that this collaboration will enable students to acquire comprehensive knowledge, both academic and cultural, in the humanities."


On the same day, Professor Erni delivered a speech at the 20th Beijing Forum, which was jointly hosted by Peking University, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies. Titled ‘The End of Empire, World War II and the Transformation of Asia’, the event brought together heavyweights in the discipline to foster research in the humanities and social sciences around the world.