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EdUHK Launches "GS Mini Theatre" Video Series

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) launched "GS Mini Theatre", an online learning resource designed and produced by scholars in the Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) and EdUHK students. The content follows the learning strands in General Studies.


"GS Mini Theatre" includes a series of videos, aided by lively animations, to enhance students’ knowledge, generic skills, values and attitudes in General Studies, and to arouse their learning interest by answering queries they encounter in daily lives.


Themed COVID-19 Pandemic, the first series features six videos explaining the difference between COVID-19 and the flu, the use of photocatalysts in the face of a pandemic, and epidemic-prevention measures used in ancient China. The teacher awardees of the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (CEATE) were invited to participate in the design and production of the videos, in which they interacted with the cartoon character "Detective Leafy" and EdUHK students to present the relevant subject knowledge。


EdUHK President Professor Stephen Cheung Yan-leung said the new video series aptly caters for the “new normal” in online learning and teaching. “EdUHK is committed to supporting the pedagogical needs of frontline educators and students by devising practical learning materials. “GS Mini Theatre”, an animated video series, jointly presented with the CEATE teacher awardees, is tailored to enrich the students’ learning experience using the University's expertise.”


Professor Winnie So Wing-mui, of the SES, added that other video series on different themes, including Climate Change, Smart City, and Quality Life in the STEM Era, are in the pipeline. The videos, teaching guides and assessments will be uploaded onto the Department's website in phases for the public’s use for free. For details, please visit:


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