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EdUHK Jockey Club School Transition and Readiness Project - Free Resource Kits for Primary One Students

Thanks to the generous donation of HK$34 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is launching a two-year initiative entitled ‘EdUHK Jockey Club School Transition and Readiness Project’ to provide comprehensive support for students, parents and teachers in the transition from kindergarten to primary school. The Project aims to help them cope with the challenges arising from the prolonged suspension of face-to-face learning, especially amid the pandemic. The whole project will benefit 100,000 primary one families and nearly 200 school teachers who provide support to primary school transition.


The Project is organised by the Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE), and consists of two main parts: (1) free distribution of evidence-based EdUHK Jockey Club STARt-up Resource Kits (3 sets) to provide all-rounded support to parents’ facilitation of all primary one students’ school adaptation; (2) provision of direct and indirect support, for example training and consultation services, to 60 government or subsidised primary schools, to assist their implementation of various support measures for children and to promote home-school collaboration.


The first resource kit set, themed ‘Understanding Daily Routines and Self-Regulation Techniques,’ has already been released. It includes a storybook, game sets, stationery and decorations with visual cues, a magnetic timetable set and a sandglass timer. The second set will be developed under the theme of ‘Learning and Executive Function Skills’, which includes a series of learning activities and games tailored for enhancing executive function skills. It supports children’s cognitive skills development including reflective learning, attention and memory. The final set, themed ‘Socioemotional Well-being’, will come with board games which include elements of primary school life.  It will also include a reward box and resources for practising mindfulness and gratitude, to promote positive family education. 


The three sets of resource kits all come with user manuals and online educational videos to help parents understand the content design and usage of the kits, as well as the relevant parenting skills in each area. Further details are listed as follows:


Three Key Themes Content HighlightsDistribution Schedule

1.    Understanding Daily Routines and Self-Regulation Techniques



  • Getting to know primary school life
  • Acquiring a better understanding of routines 
  • Time-management skills development
  • Game sets 
  • Storybooks and stationery set
  • Magnetic timetable set, sandglass timer
November 2021

2.    Learning and Executive Functioning Skills

  • Practise reflective learning ability
  • Promote attention and memory
  • Develop self-regulation ability
  • Learning skills activity booklet
  • Executive function games
January 2022

3.    Socioemotional Well-being

  • Improve emotional management skills
  • Learn to cope with interpersonal challenges
  • Mindfulness and gratitude practice
  • Reward box
  • Board games
  • Resources for mindfulness and gratitude practice
March 2022

Dr Eva Lau Yi-hung, Associate Professor of the Department of ECE and the Project’s director, said, “Facilitating children’s transition from kindergarten to primary has always been a priority for EdUHK and the education sector. Many research studies have pointed out that a successful transition at this stage is beneficial to children's academic performance and development of physical and mental health. The involvement of parents plays a particularly critical role in the smooth transition.” Through this project, Dr Lau and her team hope to join with schools and parents in supporting children to embark on an enjoyable journey in their primary school years with courage and a positive attitude.


Schools interested in receiving the resource kits may register through  or via email: 


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