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EdUHK First Ever ‘Caring for Life’ Day

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) held today (2 Feb) the first ever ‘Caring for Life 2024’ Day, as part of its 30th Anniversary celebrations. The event encouraged the University’s senior management, faculty and staff members, and frontline staff to participate in a variety of activities on campus and enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

Special appreciation was also shown for all those who work at the University for their ongoing collaboration and support in its development; and to promote values education, caring culture, and pet-friendly environment.

EdUHK Council members officiated at the ceremony, including Treasurer Ms Imma Ling Kit-sum, Tai Po District Council members Mr Gary Mak Shing-ho, Mr Wong Wai-tung and Mr Ken Yu Chi-wing; and representatives from the local community and organisations which support the University.  

Addressing the ceremony, EdUHK President Professor John Lee Chi-Kin said, “Education is people-oriented; beyond the growth and well-being of students, we also care about the holistic health of our team. As the Chinese Lunar New Year approaches, we seize this opportunity to encourage everyone to enjoy and engage in the festivities.”

EdUHK Tai Po campus was filled with performances, booths, as well as workshops including Chinese New Year decoration-making, Chinese calligraphy demonstration and traditional tea art performances, to showcase the tradition of the Chinese New Year.

Representatives from schools, social enterprises, and non-governmental organisations also set up booths with different exhibits and handicrafts to raise awareness about socially vulnerable groups and promote a culture of care and inclusivity.

The University’s staff also experienced various sporting activities, including emerging sports such as Dodgebee. Furthermore, a pet fun fair was held at the President’s Lodge, where faculty and staff brought their furry companions to campus and participated in dog-human yoga classes and pet care seminars.