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EdUHK 30th Anniversary Launch Ceremony

The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) held a ceremony today (10 November) to kick-start a year-long celebratory programme for its 30th Anniversary. A video featuring renowned historians Professor Lau Chi-pang, Dr Leung Cho-nga and Professor Joseph Ting Sun-pao was screened, highlighting the University’s century-old educational heritage. 


Almost 30 years ago, the five former colleges of education were amalgamated into what is now EdUHK (formerly The Hong Kong Institute of Education). An accompanying tagline — “Education Talent Virtue” (育才弘教 立德樹人) — has been devised to commemorate the occasion. It emphasises the importance of nurturing talent (才) while cultivating virtue (德), which is the essence of education and the core mission of the University. A visual identity incorporating the University’s logo with the number ‘30’ has also been specially developed. Used together, the constituent elements underline the University’s educational heritage, with the sun representing esprit de corps in the pursuit of excellence and the luxuriant leaves symbolising the five former colleges of education.
Council Chairman Dr David Wong Yau-kar said, “As an old saying goes, ‘30’ signifies the stage of maturity. Owing to the hard work of our predecessors, the University has gone from strength to strength and achieved great success locally, nationally and regionally. Through our anniversary celebrations, we aim to promote teachers’ professional ethics, as well as engaging educators, alumni, and community leaders to work towards further developing education.”
EdUHK President Professor John Lee Chi-Kin said, “We are truly indebted to our predecessors for their efforts and contributions in laying a solid foundation for us. While EdUHK is a young and vibrant university, we have inherited a rich educational legacy which can be traced back to 1881, when the first government normal school was established. This was followed by the birth and continued development of the five education colleges, which nurtured generations of dedicated teachers. Together, they have become a pillar of education, forming an integral part of our success today.”