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EdUHK Develops Parent Education Resource Package through EDB Commission

The Centre of Child and Family Science (CCFS) of The Education University of Hong Kong has produced a comprehensive Parent Education Resource Package for Primary Schools, having been commissioned by The Education Bureau (EDB), with the aim of fostering parent education initiatives. To share experiences in promoting parent education, a briefing session was held recently to introduce the design concept and use of educational activity materials in the resource package to more than 100 frontline teachers.

The resource package was designed by a team led by Dr Ian Lam Chun-bun, Co-Director of the CCFS. Drawing on theory and research, the team selected various parenting skills to design parent education activity materials covering eight themes of positive parenting. Closely aligning with the EDB’s ‘Curriculum Framework on Parent Education (Primary School)’, the content encompasses four key areas: Understanding Child Development, Promotion of Healthy, Happy, and Balanced Development of Children, Promotion of Parents’ Physical and Psychological Well-being, and Fostering Home-school Co-operation and Communication.

The educational activity materials in the Resource Package are designed to offer flexibility and versatility. They include lectures, group discussions, short videos, experience sharing, role plays and more. These materials help schools in organise relevant parent education activities and provide support to parents in promoting the healthy growth and effective development of their children. Through the resource package, parents can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate different stages of bringing up their child.

The first tranche of the resource package features four themes and has already been uploaded to the EDB website. The second tranche of educational activity materials will be released in April 2024. 

To download the Parent Education Resource Package for Primary Schools, please visit: