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Exploring Education "Public Lectures on Teaching and Learning": Practical legal knowledge in school

How should we protect children to develop safely and healthily in school settings? This is the condition of realising education ideal. Negligence is the most common topic when the speaker conducts training for schools. There are on average two reports of injury by the schools to the insurance company every day. There are obvious legal risks that all stakeholders have to join hands to minimise them. But how? For example, one of the issues is whether schools should apologise if a tragedy does happen. After the Apology Ordinance became effective in December 2017, how can we make use of this new law to avoid litigation or reduce its adverse impact? This is a very important piece of law that all school stakeholders should know.

Conducted in Cantonese. Free admission by reservation. Reservation for the talk starts on 13 September 2019 (Friday) and can be registered online ( or made by calling the library. Seats are limited. Each person may reserve only one seat for each talk. First-come-first-served.

  • Organiser
    • Library
  • Date
    • 2019-09-28 ~ 2019-09-28
  • Time
    • 15:00 ~ 16:30
  • Venue
    • Extension Activities Room, City Hall Public Library
  • Tel
    • 2921 2508

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