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Visit from the Tin Ka Ping Foundation

Mr Tin Hing-sin, Chairman of the Board of the Tin Ka Ping Foundation (the Foundation), together with Vice Chairman Mr Tai Hay-lap, members of the Board Mr Tin Wing-sin, Mr Leung Pak-yan, Dr Yuen Pong-yiu, Chief Executive Mr David Day and Deputy Chief Executive Mr Siu Hoi-ting, visited EdUHK on 7 September 2023 to learn about the latest developments at the University. They were greeted by the newly appointed President Professor John Lee Chi-Kin and other members of the senior management team. During the visit, they also exchanged views on topics such as moral education, education technology and the promotion of Chinese culture.


Thanks to the generous support of the Foundation, EdUHK was able to launch the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ‘Characteristic Affection, Classical Aspirations’ Teaching Development Project” to supplement Chinese Language literature set texts, shared by primary and junior secondary school curriculums in the Greater Bay Area. By inviting Chinese language scholar specialists, students from the Department of Chinese Language Studies of EdUHK and other teams of professionals to produce teaching resources, videos and animation, EdUHK hopes to enhance students’ reading and reciting, as well as help them develop moral and affective qualities, to provide them with diverse learning pathways.

Since 1998, the Foundation has been making donations to EdUHK and supported educational development in Hong Kong and mainland China. EdUHK will continue its close partnership with the Foundation in contributing to educational innovation and nurturing talent for Hong Kong and the country.