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Scholarships are awarded mainly based on academic merit. Also considered are community service, extra-curricular activities, leadership ability and other criteria stipulated by donors. Academic units and other offices in the University are invited to put forward recommendations for scholarships, while some scholarships are open for application. 


EdUHK Student Awards
EdUHK Student Awards are granted primarily on the basis of academic performance. The awardees receive a certificate and a pin as a token of recognition and encouragement. There are two types of Awards: the “President’s Honour List” and the “Dean’s Honour List”.


Whole Person Development Award
The Whole Person Development Award recognises achievements in non-formal learning with reference to the students’ Experiential Learning and Achievement Transcript (ELAT)* hours, including participation in EdUHK activities from 1 September to 31 August in the following year. Students can receive a “Whole Person Development Certificate”, a “Whole Person Development Advanced Certificate” and/or the “Dean of Students' List”, which is the highest level.


*The four ELAT categories are: (i) Personal Effectiveness; (ii) Global & Cultural Enrichment; (iii) Citizenship & Civic Engagement; and (iv) Careers & Professional Development.

President's Commendation Scheme
The President’s Commendation Scheme was established to provide University-level recognition of students’ non-academic achievements in arts and culture, community service, leadership, sports and innovation, and science and technology. All full-time EdUHK students and student groups comprising full-time EdUHK students are eligible. The level of achievement, impact on the area, extent of commitment, academic performance, and recommendation by referees are considered in the assessment. A two-tier recognition structure is offered: “President’s Commendation” and “President’s Appreciation”.


There are also other scholarships and awards offered by University's departments and offices or external organisations. Details are made available by the relevant unit at the time of application. The most up-to-date information is posted on the Portal. For matters regarding scholarships and awards, please contact the Student Affairs Office.


Note: The above information on scholarships and awards is subject to change.





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